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This system was MADE IN AMERICA, 100% on American Soil, Owned and Operated in the USA by the Hot Media Group Located in Lisle, Illinois - Suburb of Chicago.     

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Hot Truck Deals

Home of the "Free Ad Link!"

Just a Little About Us

My name is Branden deBuhr and this site is my creation. After 6 months of heavy coding work in the spring and summer of 2001 I launched this website on 9/11/2001, the same morning the United States was under attack by the terrorists which killed so many innocent lives. Since that day I've worked hard to turn this site into the most complete Trucking classifieds and community web site. I provide every user with the best functionality to sell their Truck from which they get to keep all the money from their sale as there are no mandatory up front or final sale closing fees or commissions that we charge. I also work very hard to provide a place where every Truck Drivers can share their Trucking experiences with the world with their pictures, videos and stories.

Read on to learn about our site both past and present and future.

In the summer of 1999 Hot Truck Deals was first conceived to provide industry specific "content" regardless of where it's listed on the internet.  It was built to act a central meeting place for all buyers and sellers.   A "Master List" if you will.   A place where all content can be listed for FREE!

This "content" will be listed out in it's most basic form and then link to the actual content listed on another site. All "content" is to be supplied by the public. Each new day brings a new list of Trucks submitted the previous day. Some might call it a bulletin board, but we at Hot Media Deals Refer to them as "Adlinks". The best part is that these services are provided at no charge to the buyer or seller. Each industry specific division of Hot Media Deals will provide links directly to the actual ads placed on other internet services. Realizing that there were no existing services which provided such a service we formed the Hot Media Deals. This web-site had to provide a unique service.

On September, 11 of 2001 just as so many lives had changed, our company went live to the internet and became a reality! What a sad day to launch a business! But as Americans, we shall continue to live on and do what we do best! Making America Stronger day by day!!!

In the spring of 2002 we added a new division of our company which is now called DotComd.com. DotComd provides dealers with easy to maintain dynamic websites at a very low annual cost. Each site can be customized by the owner of the site to his/her liking. They can maintain their own inventories which automatically post to Hot Truck Deals. BenWattsMarina.com is an example of such a site. If you are interested in checking it out, go to www.DotComd.com to learn more about it's current offerings.

In the fall of 2002 we added our own classified ads posting system for our own customers to be able to post an ad for sale. We found that many people coming to our site with items to sell had no online representation and needed a place to house or host their ads as well. In 2004 we added a categorized information directory with links and information about each industry specific site.

In 2004 we added our own information directory for our own customers to be able to post links to other websites with related products and information about each specific site.

Spring of 2008 and we've been working on our biggest addition to the site yet. A dealer directory with more than 187,000 dealers, Online Video, Public photo albums utilizing some incredibly easy and powerfull upload systems, personal websites for all customers, a new Forum feature to discuss industry related issues, and much much more to follow!

December 2008 we started working on a new kind of events calendar and event system. It was created centered around an idea I came up with to take soldiers out on boats for a day by boaters just as a great way to say thank you for their military service. It allows boaters to sign up for the event as hosts, and soldiers to sign up for the event as guests and match them up for a day. This same system can also be used for many other event types and purposes. This new events calendar will also be opened up for businesses and organizations to post information about their own events as well.

February of 2009, we have made our entire site 100% free for anyone to use. Dealers, individuals, anybody! Please visit our sponsors to help support the costs associated with providing our services to you.

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