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Photo and Video albums are very easy to create.  First you need to click on the MY Photo Albums link on your menu to the left.  Then click on "Add New Photo Album". 

In the form, give your photo album a title / name.  Then Type the author.  Next set the Default Permissions (this will determine who is allowed to see your pictures and videos).  Next, type a description for this photo album.  It could be a trip you took, a car or boat you're selling, a funny thing that happened or whatever.  Then save your album information.

Now, for the whichever album you wish to add pictures to, Click the "Add Multi Photos Form" link.  A separate Popup like window will appear with your title and description in it on the left side.  On the right side, a Java Applet will open which will allow you to select either full directories/folders or many individual files.  You can select up to 100 mb of pictures in a single upload.  The Java Applet will resize all the pictures on your computer and then upload them to the server.  Wait for it to complete on it's own.  Do not close the window.  You can leave it working in the background while doing other things.  Upon completion, it will most likely say, Document Contains No Data.  This means it worked!  At this point, if you want to add more pictures to the same album, you can select and send more pictures. 

Close the window, click on the My Photo Albums link to refresh the My Photo Albums page.  You should see your pictures appear here.

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